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Class Assemblies Schedule

Summer Term 2018

Olympic Hall at 9:10am

Thursday 29th March 2018 Elder Easter
Easter Holiday
Friday 20th April 2018 Cedar St George’s Day – 23rd April 2018
Friday 27th April 2018 Aspen Rights
Friday 4th May 2018 Beech British Values
Friday 11th May 2018 Mulberry Ramadan
Friday 18th May 2018 Hazel 6Rs
Friday 25th May 2018 Willow 6Rs

Half Term

Friday 8th June 2018 Hawthorn Anti-Bullying
Friday 15th June 2018 Oak Eid al Fitre
Friday 22nd June 2018 Blue Father’s Day
Friday 29th June 2018 Maple World Refugee Day – 20th June 2018
Friday 6th July 2018 Hazel Stranger Danger
Friday 13th July 2018 Sycamore NSPCC
Friday 20th July 2018 Red Friendship and Award Assembly