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The school was inspected by OFSTED in May 2013. OFSTED judged us to be a good school with many outstanding features.

We were very pleased with the report, which reflected the many improvements that have taken place over the last three years. We were especially pleased that Ofsted recognised the excellent behaviour of our pupils and the positive attitude they bring to school. Our ambition is to continue to build on this success and move the school from `good` to `outstanding.

Some key areas from the report are detailed below:

  • Achievement is good and improving because teaching is consistently good with some aspects that are outstanding
  • A relentless focus on improving teaching has successfully reversed the history of underachievement. Pupils read fluently, with understanding and enjoyment
  • Pupil behaviour is outstanding. Attendance has significantly improved and the school works very well with parents and families to help them support their children’s learning
  • Pupils of all abilities and backgrounds enjoy an imaginative range of learning opportunities which are very well matched to their differing aptitudes and needs. Learning is well supported by trips out and visitors to the school, including artists, musicians and sports coaches
  • Staff have many opportunities for training, research and development. An increasing number of staff now exercise leadership

A copy of our Ofsted report is available on Ofsted’s website

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