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The school was inspected by OFSTED in November 2017. OFSTED judged: The school continues to be good.

We were very pleased with the report, which reflected the many improvements that have taken place since my start as Headteacher in September 2014. Schools are judged on a much enhanced framework than in the past to maintain the good level of education for our pupils is very pleasing. We were especially pleased that Ofsted recognised the excellent behaviour of our pupils and the positive attitude they bring to school. Our ambition is to continue to build on this success and move the school from `good` to `outstanding. Click here to read our latest report.

Some key areas from the report are detailed below:

  • Outcomes for pupils at the end of key stage 2 have been lower than national expectations in recent years, although many pupils have made good progress from their starting points. You are fully aware of this and you have been working hard to ensure that progress is even stronger. Standards of work seen in books during the inspection showed that more pupils are now achieving in line with other pupils nationally. The wider curriculum meets pupils’ needs well, and the highly effective, specialist teaching of Spanish and art has resulted in these subjects being particular strengths of the school.
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. They show respect and courtesy to staff and visitors. They are interested in learning and they work diligently to present their work carefully and meet teachers’ expectations. Teachers provide clear explanations so that pupils understand what is expected of them in lessons.
  • When I visited classrooms, I identified plenty of strengths in the quality of teaching. Most lessons are well planned and learning is clear and well structured. Teachers usually ensure that pupils are interested and engaged in learning activities and, as a result, pupils in most lessons behave well. When a pupil is not concentrating, teachers are usually quick to spot this and take corrective measures.
  • When I reviewed your use of the pupil premium grant, including your analysis of the impact of recent strategies, I found that a considerable amount of thought and detailed planning goes into the organisation of provision. Disadvantaged pupils at Holywell Primary School are given a great deal of support. This includes specific help with learning and with social and emotional development.
  • You are communicating the strong message that no pupil’s background, however difficult or troubled, is an excuse for underachievement at school. Teachers and teaching assistants have a good understanding of the diverse and often multiple needs of the disadvantaged pupils at Holywell Primary School.
  • A copy of our Ofsted report is available on Ofsted’s website
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